Basketball Fail of the Week!

As if I hadn’t already seen it all…. How is this forreal! That is the only question running through my mind… James Young, a Freshman out of Kentucky, makes an unbelievable shot while running out of bounds, a shot that he could not have duplicated in a million years – the only problem was that it was in his own basket!
On a blocked shot from the opposing team, James Young attempted to save the ball from going out of bounds and tries flipping it behind his back to one of his teammates as any teammate would… However, instead of the ball being received by another player, the ball ends up going into his own basket and counting as 2 points against his own team! Incredible!


Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox!

The 2013 World Series goes to the Boston Red Sox! Congratulations! Although I am a “hater” of everything Boston, being that I grew up in New York – You must always give credit where credit is due. Once again Congrats to the Red Sox & David “Big Papi” Ortiz for such a spectacular performance this postseason.

NBA Report: Thunder, PG, Westbrook may return in two weeks

“According to a report from Yahoo Sports, Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook could return well ahead of schedule and may be back within two weeks.

From the report:

Oklahoma Thunder star Russell Westbrook has made significant progress in his recovery from a second surgical procedure on his knee and could return to the Thunder’s lineup within two weeks, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The Thunder issued an original timetable of six to eight weeks from Wednesday’s opening night for Westbrook, but barring an unforeseen setback he could be back in the lineup by mid-November.

Westbrook began participating in Thunder practice sessions and has impressed everyone with his explosion and fast return to form, sources said.
This would have a major impact for the Thunder as it would mean they miss Westbrook for maybe eight games instead of the 20 or so originally expected.”
Via: theScore