NBA Report: Thunder, PG, Westbrook may return in two weeks

“According to a report from Yahoo Sports, Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook could return well ahead of schedule and may be back within two weeks.

From the report:

Oklahoma Thunder star Russell Westbrook has made significant progress in his recovery from a second surgical procedure on his knee and could return to the Thunder’s lineup within two weeks, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The Thunder issued an original timetable of six to eight weeks from Wednesday’s opening night for Westbrook, but barring an unforeseen setback he could be back in the lineup by mid-November.

Westbrook began participating in Thunder practice sessions and has impressed everyone with his explosion and fast return to form, sources said.
This would have a major impact for the Thunder as it would mean they miss Westbrook for maybe eight games instead of the 20 or so originally expected.”
Via: theScore


Kobe may test free agency


At the bottom of T.J. Simers’ article on Kobe Bryant is an interesting blurb about how the Lakers may choose to handle the five-time NBA champion’s expiring contract.

Per Orange County Register:

He becomes a free agent at the end of the season, and Jim Buss says because of the pay structure of the NBA, the Lakers will allow Kobe to become a free agent.

He says he has talked to Kobe and believes they have an understanding, Bryant waiting as a free agent while the team spends to upgrade and then using what is left over to pay Kobe.

“We’ve probably talked,” says Kobe while being somewhat vague, “but I’m putting off any thought of that.”
Via: theScore

MNF: Colts @ Chargers


Colts lose big to Chargers in Qualcomm Stadium. The Colts, being a 1 point favorite in tonight’s “battle”, did not put up much of a show after putting the first few points on the board. Rivers completed 22 of 33 passes as well as throw for 237 yards and 1 passing td in the Monday night victory. Keenan Allen with another dominant performance, he had 9 receptions, 1 td, and 107 yards.


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