LeBron James Films Heat Intro

LeBron James Films Heat Intro Video

Is it just me or does this whole thing seem a little to much… LeBron James?… Working out in a place that looks like hell?… Come on now… Why does this man have, what seems to be, 50 lbs. worth of chains around his neck while doing tricep dips in a warehouse that looks like its on fire! Am I the only one that was thinking “Get out of there!” when I first opened up the video? You don’t see Derrick Rose making videos about him running with bulls for cardio, so what makes LeBron think its okay to do workouts in a burning warehouse just because his team name is the Heat… I don’t know what making a video about flipping tires and doing dips in a giant oven has to do with basketball, but if LeBron keeps making these videos all season he better have a nice ring to go along with them by the end of it…


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